The principals of Fabiola Films LLC are Vivien Dybal and Yuri Denysenko.

Yuri Denysenko, Producer/Writer and Director of Photography
Ukrainian by birth, Argentinean by upbringing and American by good fortune.

Prior to becoming a Director of Photography Yuri worked as an International Radio Journalist and Producer for Radio Liberty, Radio Free Europe and the Voice of America both in the US and abroad.  He returned to graduate school and earned an MFA from NYU Graduate Institute of Film and TV and concentrated on cinematography.

With his own production company YD Productions Inc., Yuri shot and directed scores of commercials including the “Friskies” campaign which was awarded the coveted Clio Award. He created Music Videos for artists such as Jimmy Buffet, (Jamaica Farewell); James Tailor, (Baby Boom Baby); and Glen Frey, (You Belong to the City) which became an industry model for a whole series of gridy ad campaigns and visual style.

Yuri also participated in the shooting of numerous documentaries including “Famine”, an award winning documentary on the 1933 man made famine in his native Ukraine.

As Director of Photography Yuri lensed several features including “Scared Stiff” with Andrew Stevens and Mary Page Keller and “The Unknown” with Danny Aielo and Farley Granger.

In television Yuri served as a Directing Coach and on-set supervision on a number of TV shows including “Sex and the City”. The National Academy of Television Arts and Science has been inviting Yuri for many years to judge the Emmy awards in both Cinematography and Directing categories.  Kodak has engaged him to serve on the Professional Cinematographers Advisory Panel for the development of new Motion Picture film stocks.

As a Professor of Cinematography, at the University of Bridgeport and the Graduate Department of NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Yuri has been instrumental in the education and mentoring of scores of today’s leading cinematographers and directors.

Yuri is a long standing member of the International Cinematographers Guild.

Vivien Dybal, Director/Writer/Actor