About Us

The company has been developing three feature film projects.

Irreparable Damage
"The obsession of a 20 year old girl threatens the marriage and life of an American painter living in Vienna."
Fabiola Films is looking to produce
Irreparable Damage with the benefit of soft funding from the Austrian government since one the principals, Vivien Dybal is an Austrian citizen eligible for feature film funding by the government.
At this point the company is in talks with American and European producers looking for a partner and/or co-producer. This project is ready to go into pre-production.

Synopsis (pdf-file)

Behind the Shadows:
Is a documentary about the Balinese shadow puppet master and priest, I Wayan Wija heir to a long line of Balinese shadow puppet masters, who strives to preserve his ancient art in the face of western incursions while at the same time infuse it with innovation.
Fabiola Films is in post-production on this project.

Summary (pdf-file)

Scripts in Development:

Of Bonds and Matrimony:
Fabiola Films has acquired the option to develope a feature script based on a novel by this name written by Brian Davis.

Based on the true story of a disillusioned Soviet spy who falls in love with an East German girl who helps him turn the soviet system to his advantage and escape to the West, but at an ultimate price. Set in Germany and Russia in the late 1950's and early 60's.

Three Women and a Funeral:
"A wife, a mistress and a daughter meet for the first time at the funeral of a most important man in their lives".

A beautiful young black girl is kidnapped and brought into an extravagant New Orleans brothel at the start of World War One. Her relationship with the resident young black piano players is based on true characters who defied the laws of white southern society to exercise their true love for each other.